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Auf www.sarbocar.com bieten wir unseren Nutzern die besten Buchungsbedingungen für Ihren Aufenthalt.

Die besten Preise für Buchungen im Agroturismo S’Arboçar.

Angebot von 5% für alle Buchungen über unsere Website bis 31/10/2023

Basistarif: der günstigste und restriktivste Tarif, erfordert die Zahlung (ganz oder teilweise) vor der Ankunft in der Einrichtung, per Banküberweisung und nach den folgenden Zeiten:

1. 10% zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung.

2. 30% 90 Tage vor der Ankunft in der Einrichtung.

3. Restbetrag 30 Tage vor der Ankunft.

Bei Nichtbezahlung wird Ihre Reservierung automatisch storniert.

Bei weniger als 30 Tagen wird die Gebühr nicht zurückerstattet (bei Vorlage eines offiziellen Nachweises aus Gründen höherer Gewalt (Arzt, Krankenhaus usw.). In diesen Fällen kann ein Gutschein zur Änderung der Reservierungsdaten geschickt werden, immer abhängig von der Verfügbarkeit und mit den für die geänderten Daten festgelegten Preisen.

Es erfolgt keine Rückerstattung.

Änderung von Buchungen: Um eine Buchung zu ändern, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an sarbossar@gmail.com und geben Sie die Buchungsnummer an.

Kinder (Babys): Kinder von 0 bis 2 Jahre alt. Kinderbett und Hochstuhl sind je nach Wohnungstyp auf Anfrage erhältlich.

auf Anfrage, je nach Art der Wohnung. Das Kinderbett wird extra berechnet.

Zeitplan: Check-in vor 13:30 Uhr. Abreise vor 10:30 Uhr.

Alle Ankünfte nach 14:00 Uhr werden per Whatsapp mitgeteilt.

whatsapp. Um Zugang zur Finca und zu Ihrer Wohnung zu erhalten.

Der Check-in derPässen findet am Morgen nach Ihrer Ankunft statt.

Agroturisme S’Arboçar behält sich das Recht vor, die Reservierung und damit den Zutritt zur Einrichtung nicht zu akzeptieren, wenn die Anzahl der Bewohner nicht mit der reservierten Anzahl übereinstimmt.

Information über die Steuer auf touristische Aufenthalte auf den Balearen und Maßnahmen zur Förderung des nachhaltigen Tourismus (Ecotasa).

Die veröffentlichten Preise enthalten nicht die Kurtaxe, die für Aufenthalte ab dem 1.7.2016 gilt: Diese Steuer wird vom Kunden bei der Ankunft in der Einrichtung bezahlt.

Kinder unter 16 Jahren sind davon befreit.

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Vertrauen in Agroturismo S’Arboçar.


www.sarbocar.com is the official website of Agroturismo S’Arboçar, a company registered in the Mercantile Register of the Balearic Islands, HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L., Registration: FIRST:


Ctra. Palma-Artá, km 56, CP 07530 Sant Llorença des Cardassar.

Illes Balears, Spain

Tel. (+34) 639 720 529, www.sarbocar.com

How important is data protection to HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L.?

For HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. the protection of personal data has absolute priority. For this reason, all users of www.sarbocar.com can exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation or opposition by contacting HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. by sending an email to info@sarbocar.comor by writing a letter to the above address.

How far does HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L.’s personnel data protection commitment go?

HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. undertakes to fulfill its obligation of personal data privacy and its duty to treat it with confidentiality, and therefore takes, for these purposes, the necessary technical, organizational and security measures to prevent their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.


In HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. your privacy and personal data are important to us and we will devote the necessary efforts, in accordance with the existing legislation, to guarantee your protection and the exercising of your rights.

The following conditions are applicable to the services of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. and its tourist establishments. In order to exercise your rights in the case of establishments under indirect management, you should deal with them directly, however if no adequate response is received, we will provide you with our help in resolving any disputes, provided that they are related to HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, SL

If after reading these conditions you have any doubts about this or about the privacy of your personal data, send an email to info@sarbocar.com or a letter to the above address.

This policy may be updated based on regulatory changes and the laws of the different countries in which our services are provided, as well as with the aim of improving our service.


In accordance with the provisions of the laws of the countries in which we operate, users of this website are informed, as well as people who have provided personal information to any company associated with the Agroturisme S’Arboçar brand or other services offered by us either directly or indirectly, that this personal data is processed with the intention of providing the services you have chosen to acquire. In no case will your data be transferred for any other purpose to other companies without you being properly informed. The data that you provide will be incorporated in different files and properly registered in the countries where it is needed.

A.- Files and uses of the collection and processing of personal data

The use, collection and processing of personal data provided by the user through this website, in our establishments, central services or through indirectly associated third parties for the fulfillment of our obligations is as follows:

A.1) Regarding our Customers

Main: Compliance with our obligations under agreements, contracts or programmes for the provision of business services under the Agroturisme S’Arboçar brand.

    • Reservations, Clients and Hosting: Reservations of the services provided by Agroturisme S’Arboçar, management of your stay, accommodation and preferences, as well as the services offered in our establishments or additional programmes in which we participate, restoration, provision of tourist and commercial services, service quality evaluation..

Events: Reservation and management of events and banquets..

  • Clients and Suppliers: Management of tax documents, collections, incidents and other similar requirements for the fulfillment of tax duties and those derived from the existing relationship.
  • Promotions: Information about new services, products or events, including the sending of promotional material.
  • Loyalty: Management of loyalty programmes in case of subscription to them, being able to include communications regarding the programme and its conditions..
  • Subscriptions: In case of subscription, supply of information regarding Pr Agroturisme S’Arboçar services through electronic or postal systems.

A.2) Others related to the processing of personal data in the company HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L.

  • Employees and Personnel: The administrative management of the company employees and the management of human resources.
  • Agents: Management of activity with travel agents.
  • Video surveillance: Use of video recording devices in the establishments and offices common areas in accordance with regulations for incident prevention and business control.
  • Candidates: Management of the curriculums and candidates for the jobs that are created in the company.
  • Client Payments Management: Management of customer payments.
  • Logs: Information registered in security level logs.
  • Prevention of Occupational Risks: Information necessary for the management of Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Incidents: Information and management of the incidents that may be provided to the company.

B.- Collected data

In most cases it will correspond to identifying data: name, surname, address, telephone, email, data for payments or other specific information depending on the file and the purpose.

C.- Security measures

Agroturisme S’Arboçar informs the clients that it has adopted the technical and organizational measures established by regulations that guarantee the security of personal data, avoiding its alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access, taking into account the type of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed, all in accordance with what is established by law the countries in which Agroturisme S’Arboçar is present.

D.- User consent for the processing and transfer of personal data

By submitting your data to HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L., the user agrees to expressly accept these terms and conditions of use, granting unequivocal consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the purposes stated. Likewise, they accept the passing on of their data to the corresponding entities for the fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the contracted service, exclusively for the reserved purposes, assuring that they will not be in any other case assigned to third parties for another purpose, without the additional consent of the owner. Due to legal obligation and collaboration with the Authorities, it may be delivered to public bodies when required, specifying that in these cases the minimum information required for the corresponding legal compliance will be provided, protecting the rest of the data with the utmost rigour.

E.- Sensitive or high level data

In the event that Agroturisme S’Arboçar, for the fulfillment of its obligations, requires the collection of sensitive data, such as that related to health, it undertakes that additional security measures will be applied.

F.- Authorization exceptions for data processing

In order to fulfill our obligations to you, as well as those that are legally foreseen, it is not necessary to have your express consent in the transfer of data, although this website offers information on everything which affects this, whilst at the same time looking after your rights.

G.- Right of access, rectification, opposition, cancellation and revocation of the data consent granted

The owner can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as to unsubscribe from the services of Agroturisme S’Arboçar and directly managed establishments. Likewise, the user may, at any time, revoke the consent granted for the processing of their data, without this revocation having retrospective effects.

Links of standard forms for exercise of rights:

Right of access

Right of cancellation

Right of opposition

Right of rectification

Advertising exclusion

The rights can be exercised through:

Ordinary mail to:


Address: Ctra. Palma-Artá, km 56

07530 Sant Llorenç des Cardassar (Illes Balears)


Or by email via the address infor@sarbocar.com

H.- Refers to employment and specific curriculums.

When filling out a job application, sending or delivering their C.V. to HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L., the candidate does so in order that he/she may be evaluated. HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. complies with applicable legal data protection laws and establishes security mechanisms and procedures for such management, taking into account the type of technology used, all in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the different countries and in accordance with the provisions, the candidate is informed that the personal data provided, including curricular data, will be incorporated into a file registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the owner of which is HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, SL The data that is supplied or delivered is collected by the company for the purpose of managing its selection database.

Each data owner accepts and authorizes that the personal data supplied to our HR database can be used for the purpose of selection, as well as unequivocally accepting the processing or transfer of information for the stated purpose. The owner of the same may revoke the consent granted at any time, without retrospective effects being attributed to the revocation. Agroturisme S’Arboçar informs the owner that he can exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to the person responsible for the processing of personal data of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L.

I.- Refers to reservations or subscriptions made on the website.

When reservations of services are made in this web page, the personal data provided will become part of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. and the establishment’s marketing company and the data will appear in the voucher, proforma or invoice attached to it. In the case of subscription to newsletters, news or similar on our website, your data will become part of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L.

According to the existing regulations, the information can be transferred to third national or international companies directly related to the provision of the service that we have provided, as well as local or international processors who comply with the directives of the European Union


A.- Sending information by email.

The processing of personal data, as well as the sending of commercial communications made by electronic means, is in accordance with the laws related to electronic commerce and the Internet and follows good practices and international standards, based on the general rules of European directives about privacy. In our promotion and advertising communications regarding our establishments and services there should always be an address where you can unsubscribe from the service that has been provided for you with information through a link to a web page, or through the given email address. In the case of detecting any anomaly we would appreciate it if you contact the address info@sarbocar.com.

B.- Cookies and identification of devices.

The websites of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. uses cookies, which are small, encrypted texts that are stored on the computer or device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, and so on) with which the user can use for access. They are available on your hard drive or storage system and your browser can use them in the future. The configuration of your browser will allow you to accept or deny the saving and / or use of cookies.

If you use or access our website you consent to the use of Agroturisme S’Arboçar cookies and third parties that offer advertising services. On this page you have the tools that will allow you to configure your browser properly.

B.1.- Types of Cookies that we use in Agroturisme S’Arboçar.

On the websites of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L., we use different types of cookies some of which are strictly necessary to provide some of our web services and to ensure different aspects related to security (as a clearer example, the use of this technology is necessary for you to make a reservation with us). We also have cookies for functionality and performance, these allow our website to adjust to your needs and use, as well enabling us to improve performance so that your experience is satisfactory.

In Agroturisme S’Arboçar we use cookies for the following cases:

-For web reservations.

-Usage and how well our website functions (to remember your preferences, why you have browsed the pages)

– Statistical purposes, but never storing individual information.

-Improving performance (identifying how long it takes to get the information and so on)

-To be able to identify the user in case he/she has responded to a campaign and thus be able to provide the offers shown in it.

-In case you are a returning visitor, to save previously executed searches in order to facilitate use, or in order to reach the required information.

– Cookies with personal information are never used.

B.2.- Third party cookies for advertising.

We use third-party technology to present notices on other business partners’ websites. This technology uses information about your visits to our website in order to offer you advertisements for products adapted to your needs. The information is completely separate and no personal data can be obtained based on this method. Agroturismes S’Arboçar does not collect this information in other systems, being information exclusively found on your computer or device.

HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. and its suppliers or associates do not use cookies to obtain personal information, except for that which you provide and voluntarily authorize.

You can configure your browser to not receive this type of cookies. See the section Manage your cookies to manage your preferences. This way you can accept or not, the cookies you receive when you connect to a certain web page.

List of third-party cookies found on the websites of HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L .:

Third party cookies that can be found in our sites:

– Google AdWords Conversion

– Google Analytics

B.3 Manage your cookies.

You can view, delete or manage the cookies present on your device, as well as blocking the cookies of Agroturisme S’Arboçar or related third parties, or from any other website. Browsers allow you to implement only the cookies from the website you are visiting or block third-party advertising cookies.

Through these links you can acquire information on how to configure your browser:

Firefox & Thunderbird

Google Chrome



Please be aware that not allowing certain cookies may affect the quality of your experience on our websites.

You can visit www.allaboutcookies.org or www.aboutcookies.org that contain clear information about the operation and the tools at your disposal to manage cookies, depending on the application and device used.

To manage advertising cookies, websites such as www.youronlinechoices.com allow you to generally manage your choice of the main advertising service providers.

B.4 Embedded content of third parties in our pages.

Agroturisme S’Arboçar may use content such as photos and videos from websites such as YouTube and Flickr, who may require the use of cookies. In the case that HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. is unable to control their distribution, go to the privacy policy and cookies of these third party websites to be able to manage them or obtain additional information.

C.- Web Beacons & Pixel tags.

HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. and their processors can use Web Beacons and Pixel Tags in their emails and HTML pages. These systems are not used to collect personal data, except those that you give us when you make transactions in Agroturisme S’Arboçar.

These mechanisms are used to determine if you have viewed the e-mail or the page and in this way to be able to track the information that is accessed. The latter have no effect if you proceed to disable cookies in your browser or email application.

D.- Other information that we collect.

To try to provide a more pleasant experience in our electronic communication with you and to ensure safety we collect information such as:

Internet Protocol information, language, browser, other information related to the connection or access method/application, determine if you can receive information in HTML format and that non-personal information on the application needed for access.

HERMANOS DOMENGE SANCHO, S.L. would like it to be known that it registers information related to web connections or by email in order to manage occurrences, improve web performance, our service and for security management purposes.

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